Hassle-free moulding for glazed cabinets and panels

Miller Profiles glazing bead is the ideal product to retain the glass in glazed cabinets or to form a panel edging strip. Wood effect beading from Miller Profiles:-

  • will not split
  • is guaranteed to be a consistent colour
  • can be ordered in optimal lengths to suit production
  • is visually indistinguishable from wood
  • will not warp while in storage

Better than wooden mouldings

Miller Profiles plastic beading is vastly superior to traditional wooden mouldings which often split when being pinned. Our glazed bead is produced using a specially formulated system of manufacture in an extruded plastic with the appearance of wood. Being a hard cellular plastic material the beading will accept a nail without splitting. Consequently it is a safe, cost-effective solution to the exacting requirements of furniture manufacture while offering all the aesthetic advantages of wood.

See Why choose plastic beading for more information.

Our high quality glazing bead is available in a range of mouldings. (see profiles on the left).

Beading profiles

4.5mm x 6mm

Cabinet with glazed beading profiles